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Enviro Solution JS

Product Information

Enviro Solution JS is the soil stabilizer and dust control agent of choice for commercial and residential consumers as well as the U.S military and state and local government entities. Using Enviro Solution JS technology can effectively stabilize soil and control erosion and dust for a multitude of purposes.

  • Stabilize the soil to create roads, driveways, construction sites, parking lots, heavy-lift military cargo runways and global transportation infrastructure and much more.
  • Control dust for storage & stockpiles sites, power plants, existing roads and surfaces, race tracks, horse arenas, outdoor entertainment events, and other facilities.
  • Control soil erosion for existing roads and road shoulders; trails and recreation paths, golf course bunkers; land development, hydroseeding, landfill slopes and more.

How Enviro Solution JS Works?

To use Enviro Solution JS, simply disperse the solution over the area to be treated in a way similar to watering your lawn. The product will then work its way deep into the soil penetrating it to form a solid surface. Depending on your needs various amounts and concentrations of Enviro Solution JS will be needed. A light topical application will solidify the surface providing a durable but temporary protection from dust and erosion. A heavier application can be used to create a medium use road. A heavy application combined with mixing of the solution into the ground will result in Heavy Haul road that will last for years. When applied in this manner, Enviro Solution JS will make the soil as firm and solid as cement. Allow the product to cure and solidify and it will become completely solid yet transparent. Best of all, Enviro Solution JS is environmentally safe leaving the soil unscathed, with no odor or discoloration.

The Soil Stabilizer Polymer we offer has many applications. It is currently being used by US Military, many regional governments for road construction, and many US corporations for dust and errosion control. US companies use the product in developing countries for road construction. Adding our Soil Stabilizer to soil mix used in our Earth Block Machines will render a stronger, longer lasting block. Inside you will find a lot more information, pictures and links to video clips that will help you understand the product and its uses better.

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What is Enviro Solution JS Soil Stabilizer?

ES JS (Environmental Solution JS) is an acrylic copolymer, manufactured in the US.

A pioneering product used for almost two decades in and out of US by civilian contractors and by the military for soil stabilization, dirt road construction and erosion and dust control. When applied to any soil, it will penetrate and extend down into the soil to create a tough layer of protection for road construction, erosion or dust control.

ES JS soil stabilizer is durable, economical, non-toxic and environmentally safe plus very easy to store and apply.

ES JS supresses dust and creates a non-toxic, durable, waterproof surfaces for roads, parking lots, paths, airport runways, landing pads, landfills, etc. It is an indispensable aid in developing a reliable, low-maintenance and cost-effective transportation infrastructure in a hurry and on a budget. ESJS is being used in developing countries where often impassible dirt roads inhibit economic growth and human development.

Working with governments and private investments, we can provide engineering support for construction and maintenance of roads using ES JS Soil Stabilizer.

  • Construction of Dirt Roads
  • Sub-base Stabilization
  • Parking Lots
  • Dust Control
  • Slope Erosion Control
  • Recreation Areas, Paths
  • Military Operations
  • Airfields, Heli-Pads
  • Landfills

Construction a Earth Driveway/Secondary Road or Heavy Haul Road


Construction of a basic dirt road can be as simple as application of ES JS Soil Stabilizer in form of a spray over flat compacted dirt surface. A much stronger and more lasting road can be constructed with road equipment by mixing in the ES JS Soil Stabilizer into the dirt and than grading and compacting the road.

Parking Lots and other light use areas




Permanant or Termporary parking lots can be constructed out of a dirt field or even a sand field. A topical application just like when building a dirt road will result in hard, durable surface that is not slippery and water proof. You will be able to paint the surface and add stripes if needed.

Dust Control

Water is commonly used on construction sites to control dust, limit local complaints and reduce run-off. The use of ES JS dramatically decreases cost and increases efficiency. After a pad is graded apply mixture of ES JS to stabilize the pad, this will maintain the integrity of the pad and eliminate dust caused by de-vegetation. This also saves on the cost of having water trucks maintain the site on regular basis. After an application the area no longer needs to be maintained by water trucks. The application is incredibly affordable and can last 12 months or greater.

Erosion Control

When applied to slopes ES JS will control erosion and sediment run-off. When applied it will bond the soil particles together with an environmentally safe plastic film. This film will stabilize the hill or slope not allowing sediment to be carried down by water or wind,
it will also protect by not allowing water to absorbed into the soil eliminating the threat of erosion ruts. It has been proven to be more effective and a lot more affordable than erosion blankets and such.

Recreational Areas and Paths

Parks, Hiking Paths, and other public areas need protection from erosion as well as from steady use by the public. Utilizing ES JS Soil Stabilizer a community can experience a long lasting soil areas that do not blow away with wind or deteriorate due to weather conditions. Further more a coat of ES JS Soil Stabilizer will help vegetation by trapping moisture, therefore helping existing vegetation grow or even germinate in process of regenerating vegetation in an area.

Millitary Operations and landing strips

US Military has been using Polymer Soil Stabilization for many years. Soil Stabilization offers them a quick and easy way to gain control over an area. Roads can be improved or built from scratch very quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Landing strips can build in days rather than weeks or months. In remote areas where getting in road building equipment is not feasible, Soil Stabilizer is a perfect solution.


Protecting landfills from erosion of soil covering the landfill is not crucial. Time and effort is spent daily by landfill operations to maintain soil coverage over landfills as well as protecting the existing soil coverage from being blown away in a cloud of dust. ES JS Soil Stabilizer is a perfect and cost effective method of achieving all of the above. Landfill operators spent substantial sums to water newly covered areas to prevent dust and community complaints. A single application over newly covered area will protect it for months rather than a day or so when using water only. The protection is long lasting and in a long run considerably less expensive than just using water.

more pictures and videos are available in download area as well as on CD and DVD